Sophie & John’s Wedding in Bury

A crisp February morning I travelled to the Bolholt Hotel, hidden away in Bury this hotel had beautiful surroundings; and inside a blushing bride Sophie and her Groom to be John, began getting ready for their marriage celebration. I grew up with Sophie so this day was special to be a part of for me, and quite emotional witnessing this women get married, this women who still has the exact same gorgeous smile and contagious laughter as she did at school!

Sophie looked so elegant in her long sleeved Wedding dress, and with her blush bridesmaids by her side and family drowning the happy couple in love and celebration this day was just beautiful in every way possible. The heart of the day shone through in moments such as when Sophies Mum pulled out the most sentimental surprise from her handbag; a box of confetti that she had saved from her own Wedding day to throw when she watched her daughter getting married.

As part of this blog post showcasing these Wedding photographs I wanted to give a special mention to Sophie and her family as I was so saddened to hear that not so long after the Wedding Sophies Nan sadly passed away. I am happy however that I were able to capture some of these last memories in photographs for her loved ones to remember her by. My thoughts go out to Sophie and her family at this difficult time.