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Ian & Jess Liverpool Wedding

The city of Liverpool woke up on April 8th to the most warming sunshine; the ideal day for The Grand National and also for the family and friends of Ian & Jess, who would that day witness them marry; they  smiled thanking for a beautiful day. Jess and Ian’s journey planning for their Wedding did not exactly run smoothly and just days before they were dealing with their daughter Niamh being poorly.

Fortunately, the day arrived and coupled with the most gorgeous day of the year so far everything came together so perfectly; for me personally was such a breeze to photograph. Never have I known a Wedding to flow so quickly, before I knew it the DJ was introducing the happy couple to the dance floor to take their first dance.

The setting for the day was Liverpool City Centre, the Mercure Atlantic Tower hotel allowed the natural day light to drown the room and their partner balcony overlooking the Liverpool waterfront was breathtaking.

Jess & Ian celebrated with their family and friends, absolutely in love with each other as well as their daughter who so clearly is the apple of their eyes. It was such a pleasure to be a part of this wonderful coming together of 2 beautiful people inside and out.

Here is the blog for your Wedding guys! What a pleasure, Enjoy!